Kagaya Hot Spring Hotel

Exactly like the onsens in Japan, this newly opened hot spring resort in the Beitou area of Taipei, besides the superb service (yes, you get your own pair of butlers), the food was out of this world.  The head chef being straight from Japan, not only was the dinner experience authentic, but exceeded the quality of any Japanese food I had ever had.  The several course meal (too overwhelmed by the amazing food to keep count) raises Japanese high standards for quality to new heights.  The best dish was by far the fried puffer fish.  A very thin and light fried exterior, and tender meat on the inside.  The sashimi was top quality, and the dishes I would usually stay from (namely the squid) were surprisingly delightful.  You know a place is good when you eat a dish you hate and it sends you spinning 180 degrees.  On top of that, we got serenaded by a Taiwanese accordian player (he played one french song which I liked the most).

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