Le Café Sunday Brunch

After taking advantage of the rare livingsocial coupon for a half off Sunday Brunch for two at Le Café a few months ago, I finally had the time to redeem it today.  I had read a couple of rather disappointed reviews previously on both service and quality of food, so I was a bit scared of having a less than average experience. But service was fine, not wonderful, but adequate.

The food was very good.  Everything listed on the brunch menu were set up at three stations around the floor of the restaurant, a sweets section, hot section and cold.  I was able to stomach a little bit of each and overall, most things were very good and a few were excellent.  My favorites of the brunch were the raw salmon slices, the seared beef and eggplant, the thai coconut broth, the eggs benedict, the pork shoulder and the desserts.

The salmon slices were fresh and high quality, topped with a nice tart cranberry sauce.  The seared beef was very tender.  The pork shoulder was also packed with savory flavor (the accompanying cornbread wasn’t as good) and each dessert was a little surprise of delight, served in little spoons and dishes.

The pastries were also very good, the croissants were, although small, still packed with fluffy layers within. the desserts had a raspberry creme brulee, regular creme brulee, an assortment of macarons, variety of cakes, tarts, mousse and chocolate cakes/brownies.  the best was definitely the macarons, and i loved all of them, the custard tart being the only exception though as it was just average.

included beverages were a choice of grapefruit, orange juice, tea and coffee.  I had the coffee and it was, again surprisingly, very good coffee.   Wasn’t able to snap any pics, but overall, presentation was good for a buffet and food was pretty top notch for a brunch buffet.

Everything was made to a good standard of quality.

I spoke to the waitress about tipping, and apparently many of the living social coupon users were not tipping sufficiently, only tipping on the cost of the one coupon itself rather than the full price for two people and was saying how Chef Michael Blackie was thinking about not offering these kind of deals again if customers continued to ignore the appropriate tipping etiquette, which I think is quite understandable.

so if you’ve got one and haven’t gone yet, don’t forget to tip the right amount! I’d love to be able to benefit from these type of deals in the future, and definitely again from Le Café.


53 Elgin Street, Ottawa


2 thoughts on “Le Café Sunday Brunch

  1. I also purchased a livingsocial coupon for the 2-for-1 brunch at Le Cafe – my experience can be summed up by saying the food was decent, the service was meh. There was a nice variety of food and overallf had an asian theme with a brunch twist. The eggs benedict, french baguette toast, and pot stickers were all good, but some dishes needed to be refilled, which they did in a “timely” manner. Macaroons were also surprisingly good, although the boyfriend was sad there were no crepes as advertised on their website. Definitely worth it with the coupon! Not so sure it’s worth the 29$/person normally.
    As mentioned, service was disappointing. Maybe it was because they knew we had a coupon and thus presumed we were going to tip less, but we did not find them very attentive. We asked for tea/orange juice, sat there for ten minutes and then decided to just get food. When we returned another ten minutes later, drinks still had not arrived. Eventually I had to flag down our server and reorder our drinks – of course she was apologetic about it, but took a long time again to bring us our bill. View is nice now that the new conference centre is finished!

    • i’m glad to hear your opinion on Le Cafe. I definitely agree that going there for the full price wouldn’t be worth it. I’m surprised that the service hasn’t improved since the last time I was there (back in spring).

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