Life of Pie update 2

I happen to follow Life of Pie on twitter and on Pi day, they were tweeting about their giveaways all throughout the day.  So for lunch, they were having their locally famous chicken hand pie with mushroom soup AND a free slice of their triple berry crisp pie.  All that for $5, how could I resist?


The mushroom soup was more brothy than creamy and was chock full of mushroom bits.  It was above average, nothing too special or different from the standard mushroom soup.

The chicken hand pie was pretty darned good.  The crust was slightly flaky, and a nice thickness to keep the filling from leaking through.  First bite is filled with stewed chicken with a hint of curry flavor.  The filling was just a little thick, more liquid though than I would prefer, but nicely spiced and not too overpowering.  The pie was jam packed with chicken though and I was trying to make this thing last as long as possible, chewing slowly so that I wouldn’t gobble to whole thing down in one swallow.


The pie was just as good as the other pies I have tried from here.  The top wasn’t completely covered with the “crisp” part, and the top wasn’t crunchy, more like a softened oatmeal filling than a baked topping.  But it was still good nonetheless, full of all natural, minimal sugar added, berry filling.

This made me love this place a lot more, and although I don’t go there too often, it already holds a place in my heart as one of those familiar mom and pop style restos, not only because of the cozy atmosphere but because everything I’ve eaten there fills me up with nostalgic feelings of home comfort.

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