michaelsdolce Jams Review

After finishing one jar of the Apple Cinnamon flavor, and tasting the Peach Cardamom and the Raspberry Orange jam i’ve concluded that:

the buzz is just hype.  you can see his jams popping up at various food shops all over Ottawa, and they are becoming more widely discussed and referred to by food bloggers and critics.

yes his jams are good, and do pack a mighty flavor punch per spoonful, but they are definitely not worth the $6 for the portions that you receive.  Among the jams I’ve tried, the consistencies were more liquid than I would prefer.  The Apple Cinnamon was probably the most watery, so much so that when I spread it on a piece of bread, it soaked through to the bottom and left me with a drenched piece of breakfast, although tasty, not what I want from a jam.  There were significantly large pieces of apples inside, but they were drowning in the pectin.

The tastings of the Peach Cardamom and the Raspberry Orange jams were good, the raspberry orange was definitely the best out of the three, but they were still pretty liquidy (not as much as the apple cinnamon oddly enough).

Perhaps I may have just gotten a bad jar, but its not good enough for me to fork over another $6 to try again.

I’d rather pay less and get more with Crofter’s jam, which has the same focus on using less sugar and organic fruits.  Sure, its still a product from a large company and isn’t really on the same level as Michaels Dolce jams that are sourced and created locally, but in the end, the flavor and consistency of Crofters cooperates much nicer with my morning toast.



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