Life of Pie update

so i’ve been to life of pie a couple of times now since my initial visit a couple of months ago and just wanted to report on their other offerings


really small, literally bite sized things, but they are nice and chewy and flavor packed.  worth the pocket change

cinnamon rolls:

only made on saturday mornings, they’re definitely not the typical rolls you’d expect, with melting white frosting and a warm ooey gooey cinnamon center. these things are like biscuits, dried rolls of dough with the thinnest layer of brown sugar crackling on the bottom and a minimum of cinnamon on the inside. not good at all, and maybe is the reason why they only make it once a week


these things are heavenly. the don’t look too appealing, as they look crusty an hard, but even this is deceiving.  i had the strawberry and cream scone an the outside is delightfully crunchy with a moist an dense interior. fresh baked strawberry chunks filled each bite with glorious sweetness! everything was in balance with this scone, and made my first scone experience out of this world.  what made it better is jam, and i tried two different kinds, an apple cinnamon from michaels dolce and a crofters superfruit jam. the superfruit tasted a lot better, but both jumped the entire scone eating experience to the next level.

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