Shawarma Palace

This larger than average shawarma place has been talked about on several forums, review sites and featured in the local papers as the best place to grab a shawarma, chicken to be exact.  After marking it as a “must-visit” the minute I arrived in Ottawa, I’d completely forgotten about it as its all the way across the city.  But the opportunity fatefully presented itself and me and my friend Jeff were hankering for a cheap and filling dinner.

As soon as we walked in, we were confronted with a bustling dining room, and a line that almost stretched to the front windows.  as we waited and debated on what we would order, I saw several customers pulling away from the cash with fully loaded plates of sliced chicken, salad, the works.


We had to get one of those.  Jeff ordered the chicken platter, and I ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich (wasn’t hungry enough to eat the monstrous portioned platter!)  I paid about 6 bucks for mine, and Jeff’s came out to be $17 with a drink.


The sandwich was filled to bursting with a few slices of fresh tomatoes, a generous mound of garlic sauce, pickles, and of course, chicken shawarma.  the chicken was moist and pleasantly spiced.  definitely the best chicken shawarma I’ve ever had.

Jeff’s chicken platter came with chicken, choice of white or brown spiced rice, potatoes with garlic sauce, hummus, pita bread and house salad.  the salad was fresh, but generic and the rice was just average.  the potatoes were lacking. they were cold and limp.  the garlic sauce and the hummus were superb though and did at least in part make up for some of the failings of the potatoes.  the platter is more about quantity than quality.

very authentic and fresh flavors and left feeling perfectly full, just the right in-between.

best for post drinking and clubbing although it is a bit far from the main strip.

if you get the chance, visit!

464 Rideau St.


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