Thimble Cakes

Ottawa’s finally getting caught up in the cupcake trend, with several recent openings all over town and cupcakes competing with each other for that special spot in the front of various store displays all over town.  Thimble Cakes opened just a couple of months ago, and while having read a couple of reviews, never had the chance to try it myself (as I’m not as crazy about cupcakes as everyone else seems to be).

well after seeing a random “free cupcake to the first person to say ‘insert magic password here’” tweet from thimble cakes, and needing a serious bit of outside air and sunshine, I hopped on my bike and headed on over.

luckily I’d arrived before anyone else did and nabbed myself a banana dulce de leche cream cheese cupcake (which usually run around $3.50 each) and sat down at the one of the cutesy little white tables and blue armchairs in the shop.

There was a large dollop of yellow cream on top of the cupcake and at first taste was very mildly flavored.  it was quite smooth and the cream lingers on your lips, but I didn’t taste anything quite resembling dulce de leche, or cheesecake for that matter.  perhaps just a hint of its namesake, but beyond that, just cream. the cupcake itself had a bit of a crust, and was actually a bit dry.  barely any sweetness, which could be a good or bad thing depending, but it definitely didn’t satisfy my sweet tooth.


I decided to buy a smaler 83 cent cupcake to try out the chocolate, hoping maybe that I’d just chosen the wrong cupcake. this time I got a pumpkin chocolate chip, and it also had a healthy portion of cream topping, but once again, fell sadly flat where flavor was concerned, in both the powdery pink colored cream and the cupcake beneath.  just a touch of pumpkin and it left my taste buds searching for the said chocolate chip flavor.

What they specialize in is offering gluten free, sugar free, basically diet specific cupcakes (hence perhaps the increased price).

overall, glad that I didn’t pay for the cupcake, because it definitely is not worth the price.

nice atmosphere though and great people working inside, but if you’re going for cupcakes, I’d pass over this one.

369 Bank St.



  1. Hi!
    We’re sorry to see that you didn’t fall head-over-heels for our cupcakes. We’ve been open for 11 months now, have worked out a bunch of the kinks, and would love for you to give us a second chance!
    Take care,

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