Chop Chop Hut

One of the more notable discoveries during my two weeks vegetating at home for christmas break, was suggested by my dad (who surprisingly is an even more well-foodied foode than I am!)  Its in a small dead looking plaza next to Mt SAC in Walnut and had some new restaurant technology, where customers ordered by selecting their options on touch screen monitors in the front.


My dad ordered the daily special, a grilled pork bowl and grass jelly tea.


A bowl of white rice topped with marinated grilled pork, green onions, carrots, chopped tomatoes and onions and a side teriyaki sauce.  This was personally my favorite out of everything.  It had the most flavor and the pork was tender and juicy.  Thin strips of grill-marked goodness.

My sister ordered a chicken cutlet plate over brown rice that came with a side of corn bread and a bowl of miso soup.


The chicken cutlet was a minimally fried piece of white chicken breast which was surprisingly moist.  The corn bread was interesting, it was more like a cross between chinese pastry bread and corn bread, so it had the texture and flavor of corn bread but with the airy fluffiness of chinese pastries.

I ordered the charbroiled tri tip beef and curry plate that came with a side of caesar salad and a thai tea.


It was nice when the brown curry came like a bubbling stew in a cauldron.  There were chopped root vegetables in it and had a very smooth beefy flavor.  The beef itself was a bit dry but I hardly noticed it when I drown it in the curry.  The salad wasfresh, and the dressing was just average.  The thai tea was very good though, and passed my sister’s taste test (she’s VERY picky with thai tea) Smile.  Each order was around $6-7 and left us feeling very satisfied.

Apparently the ramen is the big thing here, but we didn’t order it as there were about $8 a bowl, and for that price, we saved our ramen outing for the REAL stuff in Gardena In love

All the dishes were made with the health nut in mind, with options to change to brown rice, minimal use of fat, grilled this, charbroiled that, etc.  Meals are cheap and filling, the perfect student spot.

1253 North Grand Avenue,

Walnut, California 91789

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