Amandine Patisserie

Considered to have the best croissant in LA?


After another long evening/morning of deciding where to spend the day in LA, Erilyn settled on Amandine. The bakery itself occupies a small spot on Wilshire Blvd, with a completely ivy covered façade and a bright and cute interior. We were greeted by the biggest smile I have seen in a very long time and a very large corner of various flake pastries and a generous assortment of cakes and tarts.

Erilyn ordered a coffee and a veggie quiche.

The quiche had a thin hard crust, and the eggs were fluffy rather than the typical dense bready type filling, and filled with zucchini, onions and I think eggplant. The top of the quiche was broiled with a very thin layer of cheese that broke easily as my fork dipped in. Overall, I liked it despite the hard crust.

The coffee was a bit light for me, but the flavor was generally well balanced.

I ordered a slice of their Delice Au Chocolat, described to be their specialty chocolate cake with a graham cracker and walnut crust.

This was like a big piece of a lightly dense brownie! (which I LOOVVEEEDD) the crust was like a crumble topping, but a bit more sticky. Loaded with just the right amount of chocolate flavor, this was a great piece of chocolate cake.

And last but not least, I had to order a regular croissant, just to see if it would match up with the ones I have had in Paris and Montreal.

A huge honkin’ piece of flaky dreaminess, this croissant officially made it on to my top 3 croissants ever list on first CRACKLE (you gotta listen to it as you squeeze it!) fluffy tear and satisfying golden mouthful. Besides the generous size, this thing was everything a proper French croissant should be. The exterior had just a paper thin layer of crispiness and the interior literally melted in your mouth, layer upon layer.

What I liked the most about this place was the complete lack of pretentiousness. Most café’s I have gone too is headed by a snobby cashier and filled with fur-coat wearing elderly couples who read their newspapers down their noses. Over the time I spent there, I saw a variety of people come in, from parents cradling babies; university and high school students, etc go in without the slightest look of contempt from anyone in the bakery.

Must visit it again to try their other goodies.

They serve french toast as well but only in the mornings and salads, omelettes, soups and sandwiches at lunch. Check for the daily specials.

12225 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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