Hop Li Seafood

Always willing to explore the numerous dim sum restaurants around Los Angeles, my mom took our family to a new one she had discovered in Arcadia. It was modestly sized, quiet (in relation to standard dim sum on weekends!), dishes were $2.50 each and “cooked to order”(according to their large advertising banner).

After having magical congee in Toronto, my parents tried various restaurants in order to find some kind of equivalent down in Los Angeles, and this place was it. We ordered a fish congee to start off.

One spoonful was all it took: this was magical porridge. I wouldn’t say it was as good as the one at Sam’s Congee Delight in Markham, but it had the same lip-smacking flavor, just in a slightly weaker dosage. The fish was tender and not chewy at all and it wasn’t too salty.

Then we ordered our standard fare: (pictured below) shiao long bau, ha gau, shiu mai, pork ribs, cha shiao bao

The jia liung (fried donut in rice noodle) was a bit on the crispy side, but I liked how it wasn’t swimming in grease.

Dan ta (egg custard tart) and fried sesame almond balls for dessert

The egg tarts were standard. I feel as if they were heated from a frozen box you could get at the chinese grocery store.

The sesame balls on the other hand were surprisingly the best that I have ever had.

These were clearly hand made. The outer shell was deliciously sticky and not too dense, and the interior had a spoon full of a minimally ground almond and coconut paste. This was my favorite dish of the meal, and I do think the best (everyone else agreed :])

All of the dishes had a simplicity about them, it felt like each dish WAS made to order, and that over-greased-mass-generated flavor that is typical of most of the dim sum restaurants I have ordered in the past was thankfully missing. Nothing was too salty or too sweet. This place has become my go to place for dim sum.

855 S. Baldwin Ave

Arcadia CA



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