Fast Caprese Appetizer – Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Basil

I recently attended a very nice party in Los Angeles and had the pleasure of having these very wonderful appetizers.  At first glance they seemed super simple and easy so I decided to make them for our family Christmas party.

The original Caprese dish calls for basil, but in my case, I took the safer approach substituting the basil with mixed salad greens.  But feel free to add a bit of basil to taste.


Small Mozzarella Balls (I used already  marinated mozzarella which had extra virgin olive oil and some traditional spices/herbs.)

Vine Ripe Cherry Tomatoes

Mixed Salad Greens

Basil (a few leaves – optional)

Toothpicks (adjust according to how much you would like to make)

Finding marinated mozzarella made the individual  pieces easy to season, so I didn’t make any vinaigrette  mixture. I layered the tomato, then two salad leaves and lastly the mozzarella (carefully leaving a small space between each).  Note:  Making all the pieces relatively the same size is key in keeping the perfect ratio between all of the ingredients.  This can also be made a day in advance.


My family called it “salad on the stick” because you can have a lot and not feel so guilty after.  It did really well and appealed to the masses.  It looked elegant, colorful, and healthy! Definitely something you need when you are asked to bring something to a party.

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