Life of Pie

To celebrate the end of finals and finally treat myself after an entire semester’s worth of avoiding the sweet stuff as much as possible (serious sugar crash when I need to be awake most of the day -_-), I finally made it out to Life of Pie at the corner of Bank and Sunnyside. I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw it at the beginning of semester.

Lucky for me, they were serving pie by the slice, which they’ve only started doing recently. The pie for the day was a Mango Blackberry Crisp Pie and the total came out to $4 after taxes. They had an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, muffins and scones as well on display, but I was there for the pie only (although I’ve heard that they make a mean scone). They were making fresh strawberry pies as I was browsing their selection (they sell the rare but delicious local Pascale’s ice cream in the freezers along with pans of brownies, ready to bake scones, savory pies, lemon soda and various soups), and had a wall lined with orders for fruit cake (I can’t believe it’s Christmas soon!).

I sat down in the front window with my slice and cut the first forkful.

Fresh mango bits and whole blackberries that weren’t over baked and still had enough substance to give the filling some real body. The bottom crust was almost wafer like, crunchy with a thin layer of the standard pie crust texture on the bottom. It wasn’t soft, I had to really dig into it with the side of the plastic fork that I was given, but it wasn’t a bad thing! Just a different take on pies I’ve had before. The top crust was moist and had a slight density yet still maintained a light chewy quality. The pie itself was about an inch thick.

Overall this was a delicate slice of pie, dainty yet full of light sweetness from the well balanced filling, which were about 90% fresh fruit and just enough sugary stickiness to keep it together.

I haven’t had too many pies in my life besides the generic grocery store pie, but I’ve got to say that this really suited my tastes. If you want a heavy duty sugar loaded hunk of pie, this is not where you’d want to go. But it’s the perfect pie to go with a nice cup of tea on a Sunday morning. The price wasn’t too outrageous, a bit over, but with the quality, it turned out to be well worth it.

They serve cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings and have daily lunch specials. Closed on Mondays.

1095 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON

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