T & T Sticky Lotus Rice Chicken and Pork

Just a little mini review of just one of the many ready-to-eat-food products that the only T & T in Ottawa sells.

This is a Cantonese cuisine staple food that is eaten on the go and at dim sum restaurants. It’s basically like a rice burger, where the filling is any variety of meats/vegetables and it’s enclosed by a layer of sticky/glutinous rice.

T & T’s version had a thin layer of shredded chicken and pork cooked in soy sauce I’m guessing. The ratio of meat to rice was 1:3 and it was double wrapped in lotus leaves. The flavor was definitely there, tasted like any/all stick rice I’ve had before.

Filling was a bit meager though, but I find that this is typical of their ready made food products (of which I’ve had Cha Siu Bao and Chicken buns). But for the price ($3.49 for 3), no complaining here. I froze them right after I bought it and steamed this one right from the freezer. Turned out perfect, as if they were just freshly cooked.


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