Shawarma King

An impromptu invite by a friend of mine on Saturday evening after a long day of work, we visited one of the numerous shawarma places on Bank St. Awarded best shawarma consumer’s choice award (by who, I have no idea, just noted by the maroon ovular window sticker) a couple of years back, we walked into a pretty large sized spot where a girl was flipping kebabs over a charcoal metal pit behind an older man serving customers. My friend is Iranian, so he knows a thing or two about what to get so he did the ordering, getting us a mixed shawarma plate, two falafel balls and peach and lemon flavored Laziza’s.

The falafel had a thick outer crust and the interior was very densely packed yellow chickpea filling. It was alright, pretty filling on its own, although a bit bland. With the mixed shawarma plate, we got heaps of salad, with the pickled turnip and lemon soaked onions, seasoned rice, fried potatoes, pita bread, slices of chicken and beef shawarma, tahini sauce, hummus and garlic sauce.

The pita was a bit dry, as if it had been left out on a counter for too long, the potatoes were soft and weren’t crispy but the flavor was all there. The rice was just average. The chicken shawarma was too dry and the garlic sauce lacked any strong garlic flavor. The beef shawarma on the other hand was very good, soft, tender and full of flavor.

The best part of the meal for me was the Laziza, of which I have never had before. Bottled malt beverages, it tasted like non alcoholic flavored beer, but just a bit thicker.

Overall, it was decently priced (I paid $8 for my share and the drink) and it was a nice change of scene. Food wise though, it was just run of the mill, and you could get better elsewhere for probably cheaper.

395 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON


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