Forno Antico

So I’m riding back to campus and I pass by Forno Antico for the third time since I’ve been in Ottawa.  Through all my research, this place is supposed to have the best “traditional sicillian” style thin crust pizza in the city and despite being close by AND having a severe pizza craving for a couple of week already, I hadn’t been to visit.  Timing and especially the daily special sign pulled me in for an early lunch.

You can pick either a sandwich or pizza + drink for $5.  todays selection was a meatball sandwich, cheese, pepperoni or the everything pizza, which I saw had basil, italian sausage, bacon bits? on it.  I didn’t know that this was one of the choices, so I just went for the pepperoni.  I got two square slices of pepperoni pizza, 6 slices of a more ham-like pepperoni, a thin layer of mozzarella cheese on a spread of seasoned tomato sauce on a thin wood fired pizza crust.  Condiments on the table were salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes and a jug of pinkish seasoned olive oil.

The crust was a probably twice as thick as the one other thin crust pizza I have had before, but there was a good balance of crusty and soft and the ends tasted deliciously smoky.  The pepperoni was a bit bland, mild meaty flavor, and tender with just a touch of crispness at the edges.  The sauce was slightly sweet, but not zesty or any significant tomato flavor.

overall, it was just good enough to not make me regret stopping in, and my $5 bucks was spent well relative to other pizza places that pile on the cheese and give you sponge for a crust.  I personally like it because they use less cheese and the crust was very good.  I would definitely pick this place over other places in regards to $5 two slice pizza specials as there is more attention paid to the ingredients and where quality is valued over quantity.

it can get a bit pricy if you order a full personal sized pizza or any of the larger sizes but i have no experience with that, and apparently according to their sign, they offer free delivery.

if you’re looking for cheesy 4 inch thick pizza slices, this is NOT the place to go (ottawa locals recommend colonnade pizza), but if you’re looking for a light meal with pizza that isn’t mass generated according to a company mandated formula, you just might want to give this place a try.

683 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON


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