Northern Dumpling Kitchen

In the few days that we had left to spend in Toronto/Markham, me and my sister just had to revisit this place. We had discovered it while driving around the area last year and had the best lamb noodles we have ever had ever. Our parents were indulging enough to actually try looking for it everytime we went out but we never were able to locate it, until we finally verified the location online. So on the last day before I left, we had a veritable feast of northern chinese fare. Literally. We ordered so much food, we had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant.

First dish, my mom ordered a dish usually eaten during summer. A mix of chopped veggies, carrots and cucumbers, shredded eggs and wood ear over a plate of cold glass noodles and a bowl of peanut sauce. I remember only vaguely my mom making this dish when I was younger so eating this brought back a lot of memories.

It was very good, and besides the freshness of the ingredients, the slightly creamy sauce was amazing, and made the dish.

My dad ordered hot and sour soup which came in a gigantic bowl filled to the top. It was alright, toned down in the hot and sourness, but chock full of tofu, wood ear, and various other veggies.

The surprising favorite of the entire meal was the beef roll. Cold cut smoked meat in a slightly sweet tangy sauce rolled up in a flaky tortilla-like bread. Like Cong You Bing, but more malleable. It was surprisingly light yet, once again, the sauce brought a kick to the roll and the meat broke easily at first bite.

The potstickers were average, and very over priced for the number that we received. Nothing particular notable about them, wouldn’t order them again.

Pork and Leek Steamed dumplings

The skin is a little thicker than I’m accustomed to, but the filling was delicate tasting and achieved a nice balance between the leek and the pork. Good, but I have had better back in Los Angeles.

The drunken chicken had a bit too much wine in it for my taste, but the meat was poached perfectly, not dry at all.

The main attraction: Lamb Noodle Soup

The thick noodles come swimming in an opaque broth and topped with chopped lamb bits. The broth is on the thin side but fully captures the flavor of the lamb, with the mustiness balanced off with a bit of sweetness from, I’m guessing, the green onions. The lamb pieces are tender and almost melt in your mouth Just as good as I remember it from my last visit.

For dessert, we ordered a red bean pancake, light crispy exterior and toasted red bean paste inside. It was good, with the red bean having just a hint of sugary sweetness.

Overall, well worth the aimless searching at the end of the day, if not just for the heavenly lamb noodle soup.

>550 Hwy 7 E

Richmond Hill, ON

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