The Old Country Inn

Sorry for the long hiatus, classes have been working me bone dry and this is the first week that resembles some kind of a break so I’ll try to post at least one thing.

A couple of weeks ago my parents came up from Los Angeles to visit me and my sister during Canadian Thanksgiving (American Columbus day). Coincidentally, Oktoberfest was on that very weekend, so around Toronto, there were at least a couple of festivals. The biggest ones were in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, but it was a bit out of our way to go to and we wanted to avoid large crazy drunk crowds, so we opted to going to one of the smaller ones, and I do mean SMALL, in Unionville.

They had a few street performers, the biggest beer stein in the world (according to them? Didn’t even get a chance to see it), one bar and two restaurants doing anything special for Oktoberfest. It was all on Main St over the span of a few blocks. My parents were missing German Hocks and were really trying to find a place that would serve it, but unfortunately only one restaurant was doing it and they were leaving on that day -_- SO, we just opted for the most authentic German restaurant out of the bunch and lunched.

The Old Country Inn is a Viennese restaurant, but it was the closest to real German in the vicinity and we were pretty darned hungry so we blindly walked in.

My dad ordered the Bratwurst and Sauerkraut plate.

Two fried sausages accompanied by sauerkraut and a pot of Dijon mustard. The sausages were lightly fried and uniformly flavored. Nothing particular stood out in terms of taste, but when it was all put together with the sauerkraut and mustard in one mouthful, it gave a satisfying warming flavor.

My mom ordered the Pork Roast, two thin slices of pork tenderloin swimming in a sour tomatoish sauce with a side of sauerkraut and dumplings.

This dish was average. The pork was a bit on the chewy side and the sauce was a bit too sour for my taste. I loved the consistency of the dumplings, but it did lack flavor.

My sister and I split the Sauerbraten, two slices of roast beef in brown gravy with a side of red cabbage and dumplings.

This was made in the same manner as the Pork Roast, just changed the meat and the sauce. I liked this one a bit more as the meat was more tender and the sauce less overpowering, allowing the flavor of the roast beef to come through. The red cabbage was good and had a soft crunchy bite to them.

For dessert:

A slice of Viennese Chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate sauce and homemade whipped cream.

This was very good. It was a dense block of a slightly dry interior. It sliced well and the chocolate frosting wasn’t overdone, just a thin layer of hard frosting. The whipped cream was melting a bit, but the flavor was perfect, and the entire dish wasn’t too sweet and was full of mild chocolately goodness.

Apple Strudel

Slices of apple wrapped in a light thin and very flaky pastry coated with powdered sugar.

This was the star of the entire meal. It was the very best strudel I have ever had in my life. I haven’t had too many but it had the perfect combo of all the ingredients, and each one was baked to harmoniously complement the other. The filling itself wasn’t drowning in sugary syrup, but rather was slightly crisped yet moist slices of apple with a hint of other seasoning. The crust was almost paper thin, yet still dropped delicate flakes when sliced. Overall, I could barely taste any sugar in the entire strudel, which is a big plus, as it allowed the natural sweetness of the apples to come through.

The main dishes weren’t amazing, but at the end of the meal we were all pleasantly satisfied. The best way to describe it was homecooked soul-warming goodness, a meal your Viennese grandmother would have cooked you on a winter’s evening. It was a bit pricy for what it was, but for that, it was worth it.

198 Main Street

Unionville, Ontario

L3R 2G9


One thought on “The Old Country Inn

  1. Hey there! Great pictures of the old country inn and their selection of food! I have a bit of an oddball request, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind forwarding me a copy of your image of the restaurants front entrance with the violinist? Believe it or not, I’m the artist of the sculpture and I’m absolute crap at photography. I came across your page looking for images of The Old Country Inn and think the picture you took is wonderful. If you no longer have the original image or simply do not feel like forwarding it to me, I completely understand. Thanks and all the best,


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