St Honore Bakery

Another “best of” as stated on the largest/most dedicated ottawa foodie blog site,, I decided to check this place out on my morning grocery run.

The bakery is located on Booth in the middle of a residential area.  It is a very small shop, the minute you walk in you can see through the open doorway into the kitchens where there are several people making buns.  They had about 20 varieties of buns and a smattering of cookies/bread/cakes.  Despite the smaller space, they did cover all of the bun basics, red bean, coconut, pineapple, hot dog, bbq pork, corn and ham.  Some of the more unusual ones were the Portuguese chicken, beef curry and tuna.  All prices were cheaper than the bakery in the Kowloon market down the street where most people go to for their buns (most things under a dollar).

I was fortunate enough to arrive relatively early in the day and came in as buns were dropped steaming fresh into their respective plastic display cases and ordered a pineapple bun, red bean, bbq pork, vegetable and coconut cocktail bun.

I only ate the vegetable and the coconut bun, but if they are representative of the rest of the stuff i got, this place is DAMN good.  the bun itself is pull-apart soft and not too thick whereas you would get a mouthful of just bread.  the vegetable bun was filled with pan fried shredded mushrooms lettuce and radish (i think) and it was VERY good.  It was pretty darned greasy though, i thought it was stewed at first because of how soft it was!  I was surprised that the bun itself was able to hold the contents without getting a soggy bottom, but it was more than up to the task and what resulted was a very satisfactory HK version of the more popular white veggie steamed buns of Northern Chinese fame.  the coconut bun was also surprisingly more than just cream/artificial filling.  Real coconut shreds filled the insides and was just sweet enough to bring out the flavor of the coconut.

I haven’t tried the other ones as I’m saving them for later enjoyment, but it is definitely “top spot” worthy.

If you stop by after 6 pm everyday, buns are discounted! (but according to the shop owner, a stolid faced elderly man with glasses, there usually aren’t many left over and the ones that are are the ones that people dislike the most, but i wouldn’t take his word on it.)

363 Booth St
Ottawa, ON K1R 7K1


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