Saca’s Mediterranean: Falafel’s Falafel’s Falafel’s!

Saca’s is in the charming little downtown area in Claremont.  Small and quaint but very modern at the same time.  I’ve made several stops there last year and fell in love with the falafel’s.  But I finally determined that saca’s are the best by far with falafel’s.  I believe it’s family owed since 1992 and you can always see the “mom and pop” there always helping out.

However, dessert first!

The Baklava was good. Definitely buttery (but what is Baklava without the buttery-ness). The Filo dough was melt in your mouth and the filling of Walnut/Pistachios was in a perfect ratio. It’s a must try if you want a very rich dessert and only $1.29!

This is the Falafel Platter

Falafel definition directly quoted from the menu: “Saca’s Original Family Recipe.  Our famous Falafel are made fresh daily from Garbanzo Beans, Parsley, and Seasoned with a Secret Blend of Mediterranean Herbs and Spices.

About $7, but it’s more than enough for one person.  It comes with 6 falafel’s, hummus, pita bread, sesame sauce, and pickled turnips (the pink things!).

Look at the color! How do they make it so green!!

It has really great texture and it’s surprisingly not at all greasy.  It’s not stale or too hard.  It’s really filling too.  When I compare it to other falael’s, the others are always bland with no distinctive flavor.  But the falafel’s here have different components that are very distinctive.

Saca’s also serves shawerma chicken, beef, and lamb which is just vertically flame skewered.

248 w. second street

claremont, CA, 91711


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