The Habit. Healthy fastfood? aahh only in America

The Habit is a very small fast food chain that have various locations in Southern and Northern Cali.  It’s sort of a healthier alternative instead of the norm and a  In-and-Out competitor.  It’s very close to my university so it’s always filled with locals and college students.

The main burger is usually the char burger, I’ve tried the Teriyahki with a pineapple slice which is  just a char with a pineapple and teriyahki slice.  It’s around 5 dollars for the Char and the prices gradually go up depending on the type of sandwich you get.

Albacore Sandwich with Wheat Bun

French Fries – Well Done

The fries have no extra grease, and are thick.  My sister and I usually share it but it can be enough for one .

Albacore Sandwich with Sourdough Bun.

The Albacore is the usual for us, just because it’s much healthier than the burger.  The burger can be a little small but they DO add very good ingredients.  The albacore can be a little overcooked too, but the fish is grilled and the size is good for the price which is like $7.  I think I prefer the albacore with the sourdough but they give you more lettuce with the wheat bun.  They add this tartar sauce but I find that they don’t put enough, so for a little spice we usually add sliced jalapeños.  Overall, it’s a little plain but you can really taste the freshness.  The Habit is a good change to the normal fastfood, and is worth the try if your craving burgers and fries.

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