After a few days of no meat, I thought it was about time to reward my aching tummy with some KOREAN food!

Koreana in Chinatown has been rated quite highly on Yelp, some claiming that this was the most authentic Korean food in town and reminded them of previous stays in Korea. Well, we’ll have to see about that.

Ordered Calbi in a stone pot lunch special, comes with 4 app/sides, seaweed, potatoes, shredded white radish and kimchi, and a bowl of miso soup.

The variety of the side dishes was modest and surprisingly pretty good. The kimchi was mild and hadn’t been fermented long enough for my taste, but it was better than what I had had in Montreal. The rest were done well, with the seaweed being a bit too sweet. The Calbi meat was thin and thus fully acquired the flavor of the marinade, but the beef wasn’t cooked long enough, so more of the marinade remained on the meat then what should be, making it feel like a cross between teriyaki beef and Calbi. The marinade too was a bit on the sweet side, but at least the meat was tender enough. It was nice to get it in a burning hot stone pot, one of my favorite things to have in a Korean restaurant, but either the rice wasn’t in the pot long enough or the pot wasn’t hot enough, so it kind of lost its purpose as there weren’t too many crunchy rice bits left on the bottom. The miso soup was plain and average, nothing special and not very flavorful.

The total came to about $11 after tax and tip.

Overall the meal was satisfying and was a lot more than what I was expecting from one of the few restaurants in the city, and to top that off, menu prices were very reasonable, actually about the same as what I pay in the states. I’ll probably order the other items the next time I come and see how their Korean BBQ is.

711 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6P5

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