Interim Cafe

Hungry and tired of looking for cheap/free parking all over Santa Monica, we headed to the most exotic sounding restaurant on the Yelp list. They were categorized under Brazillian food, but it wasn’t Brazillian in the slightest. Yelp fail. Besides that small trip up, it ended up being much better than I expected.

Its another one of those Hippie/Vegan/SoCal joints, complete with bright orange and green paint and a huge photo of Jimi Hendrix kneeling in front of a flaming guitar. On the regular menu are a variety of rice bowls, sandwiches, burgers and smoothies, with drinks at around $3 and entrees at around $10. Specials and favorites are taped up alongside the counter and hung up above the register. I order the Chicken Deluxe with a side salad and optional egg sunny side up on the patty. Erilyn orders the Veggie Burger with a side salad.

My organic free range chicken patty is topped with two slices of turkey bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, “no mayo dijonnaise”, and a seasoned egg all between a plump sesame seed wheat bun. It was darned good, especially with the fact that they were able to get the mayo flavor without the heavy fattiness. The egg was appropriately seasoned and the chicken patty was home-ground. The attention to detail in this burger were precise and to the tee. The bacon got a little lost in the mayo flavor, but the noticeable crunch did contribute to the overall savory bites. For such a small burger, I was surprisingly full. The salad was simple and sprinkled with olive oil and drops of balsamic, a mix of baby greens, carrot shreds, arugula, pecans and chopped oranges.

Erilyns sandwich had a, I’m just taking a wild stab at this, a mostly quinoa and maybe tofu? Patty topped with tomatoes and lettuce. It was a bit lacking for a burger, but the patty was flavorful for a vegan patty. They get props for the effort. If it was in a pressed Panini style sandwich, it would’ve been much better.

In the entryway, they have a huge advertisement for their vegan soft serve “Chocolate Salvation”, and we had seen several people walk in and out with small cups of them. How could we resist? We split one, $2.75.

Out comes a delectably handsome pile of VEGAN chocolatey goodness, sprinkled with chopped almonds and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. It was nothing short of amazing, tasting better than a lot of soft serve ice cream I had ever had before. There is a slight minty flavor/herby flavor, and don’t expect it to be creamy, for soft serve though , they got pretty damn close to the standard consistency. We spoke to the waiter, and apparently they tried like 27 times until they got it right, straining and restraining the mixture of coconut milk, agave nectar, gogi berry, acai, and some other various hippie fruits. (no offense meant)

It was a very nice end to our meal. 🙂

530 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica CA


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