Frozen yogurt. An Asian invention that is specific to Southern California. No, this isn’t frozen yogurt blended with fruits, or half half mixtures intended to lighten the caloric load of regular ice cream. This is self serve, as-many-toppings-as-you-want, icy and multi-flavored goodness. Most places charge by the ounce, around 30 cents, and have a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from. I like Pinkberry’s tart flavor the best, but there is one place that always keeps me coming back, located on Lemon and Golden Springs Drive in Diamond Bar.

Of course, the biggest draw for this place is the 22 cents an ounce price, but on top of that, they have a quirky choice of flavors, among which they make a mean mango tart. The machines could use a bit of maintenance I guess, as the yogurt comes out a bit too slushy for my taste, but hey, combined with coconut jelly toppings you can’t find anywhere else AND non-green mango bits (*cough cough* YOGURTLAND) , no complaints here.

Me and my sister have gone there so many times, that the owner, a nice Christian (I know this because the LED sign in the window posts daily verses and the only music you ever hear is Jesus rock) Korean lady, knows about our Canadian-born frozen yogurt deficiencies.

And voila, the final product of perfection.

Although far from being the best, nothing beats enjoying fresh cut fruit and multiple frozen yogurt tastings on a day where you’re sweating so much you have to peel yourself off of the car seat. A tribute to the little shop in the pretty dead Korean food plaza, I hope you stay open long enough for me to enjoy another cup of froyo in December.

20627 Golden Springs Drive
Walnut, CA 91789-4814

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