Le Boulanger Francais-The French Baker

Saw a couple of references to this place on Chowhound boards as serving the best croissants in the city. Stopped by when I was exploring Byward Market and ordered a regular croissant. Very “French” atmosphere, with a little bar on the right side with Quebeckers munching and sipping latte’s, bright yet warm lighting with a very small display of bread on the left manned by one person. There was an assortment of four types of pastries, chocolatines, croissants, scones and I think some kind of seeded brioche. Behind and beside the counter were various types of baguettes and round loaves. I ordered one regular croissant at $1.85 and went out into the rain to eat it.

It was cold, not flaky and had a medium density. Definitely not fresh from the morning. I like my croissants light, many layered, and flaky as heck. Biting into it, maybe there were about 6 thick layers inside, and the crust only flaked off twice, small sad flakes that got caught in the half open mouth of the paper bag it came in. if it was fresh, maybe it’d be a different story, but the fact is, it was not, it was not served to me warmed up either.

And butter? Barely any of it, enough that I could taste it after finishing my croissant, but it disappeared after a couple swallows.

6/10, and that’s being generous.

119 Murray Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5M5, Canada


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