Le Pain Quotidien

Alright, I’m not in California anymore but I still have bunches and bunches of pics and places I haven’t been able to post about yet, so bear with me for a bit until I get it all through.  And indulge in my reminiscing of California cuisine -_- while I suffer under the current but in-temporary ignorance of the Ottawa food scene.

One bright and sunny day in Claremont, Erilyn took me to Le Pain Quotidien, a modest sized chain bakery that’s located in the various “hip and chill” areas of Southern California (namely Pasadena etc).  They sell all the typical bakery goods, breads, pastries, little cakes, and an assortment of “green” and “organic” sandwiches, soups, quiches and surprisingly, they have an all organic wine list.

Erilyn ordered a Ricotta Cheese and Honey sandwich (don’t remember the exact name, correct me if I’m wrong).

Not the same as the similarly ingredient-ed Manchego tapas entree (more on that in another post!) as the cheese was a creamy ricotta that just had a hint of sweetness.  The honey was very lightly drizzled and the figs were very small toppings on top of the bread.  The bread for all the sandwiches was very good, a medium density brown bread without too many air pockets and a slightly chewy crust.  All the ingredients were fresh.  It was good, but lacked anything special to make it stand out.

I ordered the special of the day, a chicken and mozzarella sandwich.

I like this one much more than the ricotta sandwich.  They put a lot of cheese on it, and the flavor was a lot more rounded out and fuller.  There was a layer of mustard seed sauce on it that really brought out the flavor of the cheese and the chicken.  7/10 on my sandwich scale

Erilyn ordered a cup of coffee, which came in a slightly leaky but rustic metal pot and a little bowl.  It was above average coffee.

Sandwiches varied from $8 to $12, coffee was around $3 and if you wanted to buy some loaves of bread, they were around $6 for a huge loaf of sourdough.

Overall, decent to good offerings, but definitely over priced.

175 Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711




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