Some Crust Bakery

So just a mini post on a couple of cakes I bought from Some Crust Bakery in Claremont (introduced to me by Erilyn :D) for my sister’s birthday. Went at around 1 in the afternoon, long line of people ordering primarily cookies and picked a German Chocolate cake slice. BUT right as I went out, I noticed a tiny little bright yellow cake in another display case, “Lemon Lover’s Torte”. There was only one left, and my sister absolutely loves lemon cakes so I had to get back into another long line. The woman ahead of me was about to get it, but thankfully, left with only 10 cookies J.

German Chocolate Cake

Ran me about $3.50, slightly dense rich chocolate cake with a half inch topping of icing/frosting, pecan pieces and coconut. It was a good mix of chocolate and spongy cake, I personally would’ve like it with just a bit more chocolate. The topping was good as well, definitely added another dimension to what otherwise may have remained plain chocolate cake.

Lemon Lover’s Torte

Heaps of frosting on top of lemon sponge cake. The frosting was more creamy than solid sugar (like typical grocery store cake), and was kind of like paint in consistency.

Some whipped cream sandwiched between layers of slightly sweet and tart lemon cake and some orange spread? I have no clue. It was flipping good is alls I knows. A lot more complex then the chocolate cake and priced appropriately, $7.50.

119 Yale Ave

Claremont CA



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