Dr. Grubb’s in Claremont

This is such a hidden gem.

The folks who know about this amazing place are mainly the locals and the students that go there for lunch.   The style of the food is really just healthy and a bit gourmet but flavors are also amazing for the price.  The lunch/dinner usually goes for about $9 but if you have a student ID, you pay about $8.  Since I go to college nearby, it’s such an easy drive, so I suggest if your near Claremont, you MUST stop by!! 😀

There are basically three parts to a meal

you choose your protein, sauce, and side.

1. Protein-grilled chicken, blackened chicken, grilled salmon, blackened salmon, I think there are shrimp skewers, and tofu.

2. Sauces(These sauces are amazing!) They have a couple to choose from: 1. garlic apple aioli, lemon thyme, I believe a pesto, and another I can’t remember.

3.Side-roasted potatoes (my side of choice), whole wheat pasta (balsamic vinegar can get a little strong), couscous (they give a large portion, my second favorite after the potatoes), rice (they also give a large portion, vegetables (come out fresh and cooked well), and or a salad.

This is what I love to get.

The presentation is  really nice when you eat it there, but my sister and I took it to go

Grilled Salmon w/lemon thyme sauce and roasted potatoes

This is my sisters usual:  (she ate it before I could get a good picture of it!)

The grilled chicken w/ garlic apple aioli and roasted potatoes.

My salmon is always well seasoned and cooked perfectly, both our meals are generally pretty healthy. And you can just taste the fresh ingredients they put in it.  The chicken is moist and finally those potatoes.  I SWEAR these are life changing potatoes.  They always leave a crunchy texture to the outside and a perfectly perfect center. I’ve slowly worked up what they season these with but it’s still a mystery to me.  Lets just say if I was forced to have potatoes the rest of my life I would have them seasoned like this.  All the side dishes are great but I always choose the potatoes.   mMM.

The owners are really great too.  I’m pretty sure they know me  😀  I believe they are two brothers or two really close friends.  SUPER nice people.

I really love Claremont.  The cafes are wonderful and the place is full of hidden gems; there are really great wine bars, a tapas place I also love and a great bakery that has been there since the 1900s.  You should really try it 🙂

Dr. Grubbs
353 Bonita Ave
Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 621-6200

(side note: this is where alex and I discovered that we both are foodies and decided to create this blog!)

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