Flying Sticks and Down Town Kabob

Spiced meat on sticks, gyros and sweet rice? Thank god for something different. In Southern California’s abundance of authentic Asian food varieties, it was a huge relief having something besides rice and stir fried vegetables. And the best and most convenient place to get it? Downtown LA of course. A local haunt for many office secretaries and corporates, the food in the World International Food court is served on plastic styrafoam, cheap and darn good. Amongst the Persian food is a Vietnamese Pho place, chinese, and pizza. Everything in the food court starts at around $5 and goes up to $10 for the more expensive filet mignon or super huge combo plates. My sister ordered a gyro sub.

Slices of beef on shredded lettuce, a pickle, sliced tomatoes in a light toasted white bread served with a side of tzatziki sauce.

My cousin ordered a falafel and chicken plate. Served with a skewer of chopped chicken, sour cucumber and tomato salad, a huge hunk of home made hummus on top of buttered rice.

The hummus was SUPERB. It was thick, but not too pasty and just a hint of sourness. It was the best hummus I have ever had. The falafel had a much harder crust, more fried, and the inside was basically mixed with a lot of curry powder. Good, but not what I personally prefer. I like the softer more lightly fired ones.

My mom ordered the lamb plate, pita half, crunchy buttered sweet rice, charred onion and pepper, diced veggie salad and lamb slices.

The pita bread was just from a package, nothing special, the salad was nice and tart. The crunchy rice was really good, I’m guessing that the red on the bottom of the rice is from a seasoning that they put in the rice, but it was slightly sweet. The lamb was stewed, and tender. Most of it was just the meat, but there were some pieces that had the fat still on it that really added to the flavor of the lamb. Saffron was the most prominent seasoning in it.

And then my order, beef kabob plate with pita and salad.

The beef was ok, nothing fancy or special and the pita was factory pita.

Out of everything, the best was the lamb and the hummus, really the best that I’ve ever had, and less than $10 per dish. If you ignore the atmosphere, it’s a really great place to go for a cheap filling and relatively healthy meal.

934 S Los Angeles St
Los Angeles, CA 90015


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