Daikokuya Japanese Ramen!

Daikokuya Ramen..

I think every little bit is amazing.

I was going to wait till alex experienced this wonderfulness but when we designated a day to go, it was closed.

The soup definitely had  a lot of flavor.  According to my Aunt and I we could really taste the bone flavor in it.  Simmering the bones is what gives the soup the whiteish color and somewhat thick consistency.  It’s different from other ramen because it doesn’t get too salty when you have too much, overall very soothing .  The egg was one of my favorite parts of the soup. The egg white is thoroughly cooked while the yoke is just barely done, so it’s a little less than a medium egg.  It’s flavored with a sauce overnight, and I think it matches really well with the ramen.  The noodles were firm in the middle but soft on the outside.  The pork was given in thick slices; it was good but not as memorable.

We all got a combo so my Aunt and I got the tuna sashimi bowl, and my sister got the chicken egg bowl.

The chicken egg bowl was paired with sushi rice. Overall it reminded me of what my mother cooked for breakfast.  You could really taste the soysauce marination on the chicken, the egg was just like a normal fried egg.  This dish can get a little salty if you have too much.

I was very surprised by the tuna sashimi bowl.  I had this automatic thought that they didn’t have good sashimi because this was a ramen place but it was really really fresh.  This was also paired with sushi rice.

Daikokuya is reasonably priced and I do suggest the combinations.  It might be a bit much because they do give you a considerable amount of ramen.


I kinda want some now.

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