Seared Pollock Cake with Southwest Ramalan Sauce

I’ve recently discovered a blog where the writer basically takes fast food and redoes all of them into “gourmet” food.  I decided to try one of the more (relatively) healthy looking ones that doesn’t involve actually seeing how much fat and grease is in the fast food.  This one uses Filet O Fish and a Southwest Salad from McDonald’s.  Everything used in the recipe come strictly from McDonalds, nothing extra is added or needed to cook it.

The process was a bit time consuming, you’re basically repackaging the Filet O Fish.  The recipe was pretty straight forward, and theres even a video and pictures to show you exactly how its done.

This is how the dish itself looked after cooking.  It wasn’t enough for a meal, so my dad ended up cooking some shrimp to go along with it, so heres the final FINAL meal as eaten.

Overall it tasted like McDonalds.  Nothing spectacular, but expected since nothing else was really added to it in the recipe.  My parents did like it though.  Kinda fun to see how much you can change crap food to look at least a touch edible 🙂

The guy over at is pure genius though.  Cooking innovation at its best!


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