New capital, dim sum!!

I’m been itching for dim sum for THE LONGEST TIME!!

My auntie and I originally scheduled the visit in May but life and school always got in the way.

First off,  I have no idea what the dishes are properly called but the plate in the back was probably my favorite.  I’m sure it’s a dessert, I think it has custard inside.  It also had a lite sugary/powdery crust that topped off the bun.  To the left are the egg custards. I’ve had these before but these were extremely fresh and the crust was flaky.  They were really good.  The buns to the right I believe are pork.  The last one in the front had red bean inside, the dough was fried and it had a good ratio of beans and bread.  

To the right, in the transparent dough was the shrimp.  It’s one of my favorite savory ones so far.  To the left, is shrimp  shaped into a ball, fried and put on a sugar cane stick.  This was way to greasy, the coating was tempura like, but by the time I bit into it all the fried buns and dishes caught up to me and gave my a head rush.  The dish in the middle of the shrimp and sugarcane stick was pork.  It was normal a sweet, nothing I haven’t tasted before.

see, double the shrimp! =)

but the one dish next to the custard was my second favorite. It was like beef or something.  It was very tender and there was big flavor.

The funny thing was that we got a LOT!  It was so tempting to just get everything because I’ve never tried dim sum, so the table was packed.  The price compared to other places is a little high and there was kind of a language barrier, so they would just say “chicken, beef, or shrimp.”

Overall!! I really like dim sum!

But, I would bring a friend to translate the food. (hahaa) I found that it wasn’t too crowed at like 10:00 am-ish, but it got really busy by the time we were done.

New Capital Seafood Restaurant
1330 S. Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 581-9813


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