Hooters…yes hooters

Oh america.

What are we without our fast food and chain restaurants?

This will be a quite different post (of course  indicated by the title.)  Alex will surely laugh about it or be like “what the Fff.”

We are basically from the suburbs of southern california, so most of our eat’s are just a bunch chain restaurants.  So the truth is that most families like to go to chain’s, so I thought why not do a review for a place that everyone has access to.

For those who are not familiar with hooters, it’s basically a chicken wing place. It’s main target is to attract men because all the waitresses are dressed in super super short shorts and a white tank, but not only that, ALL of them have really big boobs.

Pretty straight forward, no?

So if your a women, just standing at the door for a to-go order is still bit degrading.  And if you like to eat in?  That’s just a little weird.  (For some reason all the men think they can look at you just cause your a woman.) So, just take it to-go!

But, if your a man.  This will probably suit you, seeing that it’s sort of a man’s fantasy world:  chicken wings, boobs, and beers.

But with all that aside..

This place has been at the top of my list for chicken wings.  I swear these wings are my favorite.  The breaded texture has just the right ratio and the sauce is really authentic.  It’s a bit tangy but there is really a great amount of spices.  The overall chicken is not flimsy but is actually plump. There is no other place like this.  But, the only way to go is:

Breaded and Hot.

Mild is just sad, never get the mild if your like spicy wings.

LOL, sorry alex for this not so important post about a chain restaurant, but hey you never know.. (side fact/  If you work for a certain amount of time at hooters you get a free boob job.  funny right!?!)

umm to make it up to you..here


hehee!! awwww  =)



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