BC Café Kick Back Jack’s

American breakfasts, famous for greasy bacon, eggs, squishy sausages and stacks and stacks of Aunt Jemima drenched buttermilk pancakes. One of the ultimate hang over cures, they serve it just like your dad would on Sunday mornings. The most popular items here are the pancakes, expansive butt sized pancakes, and not just one, but FOUR big whoppers. I shied away from ordering anything that might come in family sized portions and ended up ordering something off of their “Just Right” menu, smaller portions and slightly cheaper prices.

One pancake with strawberry syrup and whipped cream, an egg and two sausages. The pancake was dense and fluffy. I didn’t like the strawberry syrup that much though, it was super sweet and tasted as if it may have come out of a bottle. Miracle Whip cream topped it off, and ended up melting into the strawberry syrup. The egg was cooked in butter, and so much that I could taste it dripping off of the whites. The sausages were decent as well. It also came with a glass of fresh juice.

My fellow foodie in crime, Erilyn, ordered the eggs benedict.

I had a small bite of it. Hash brown were crispy and slightly seasoned. Hollandaise was VERY creamy and the eggs were poached perfectly. That was the first time I have had eggs benedict, so I can’t compare it to anything, but good as well. I personally didn’t like the hollandaise, but at least it was too thick to make the English muffins soggy.

Most of the entrees are priced from $6-$10 and you definitely get loads more then what you paid for. The atmosphere is that of a small modest diner, lumpy waitresses in orange-red outfits minus the lipstick rimmed chipped glass. It had a slightly nostalgic feel yet was still very clean and well kept.

Overall, very VERY filling, and heaping amounts of what Americans love best: sugar and fat. While I did enjoy it (I haven’t had one of those kinds of breakfasts in at least 8 months), I wouldn’t do a repeat visit.

701 S Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711



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