Ucla grad dinner at Yamato Restaurant

A trip to Yamato was a bit discouraging because of the lack of research and no pre-decisions of what dishes to try was not made.  As any L.A. restaurant on a Saturday night my aunt had to make reservations.  I was very impressed with the decor.  It was two stories and with very modern furniture and very L.Aish.  Being that this restaurant was in Westwood and a couple of blocks away from UCLA, it seemed like a popular place to be.

My automatic reaction was: expensive.

HOWEVER, it was happy hour so everything was half-off!!  (starting from 5-10pm daily)This of course, was not bad at all.  Mentally, I decided that it was okay to pay for overpriced sushi, as long as it was half-off.

First dish:  Sandra Roll.  It contained eel, avocado, shrimp tempura, and I think a cucumber.   I was surprised to see that they gave us a lot pieces, however it was quite average.  The supposed price was like $13 but they scratch it out and put like $7.00 next to it.

Next up:  Albacore sashimi

This was quite good too, but they failed at the quantity.  It was still “half-off” but it was basically a dollar for a little slice. Good albacore is hard to come by so I was satisfied that it tasted like the sashimi from my favorite sushi place in montclair. So it was an overall..meh (however the slices of  garlic were very yummy.)

Lastly, for the finish: Green tea tempura ice cream.

You honestly cannot go wrong with this dish.  I’ve had it in many places, and it all taste the same everywhere.  It’s just amazingly yummy.

My overall impression:  Only good during happy hour.

But if you don’t go during those happy hours  😦 well, you get a minimal amount of sushi for the huge price tag.  Which is okayy..I guess somebody has to pay for the decor.

1099 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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