Cherry Festival in Beaumont, CA

Summer has started, and the festivals have began!!

My family had an outing a couple of weeks ago to Beaumont California for their Annual Cherry Festival.  I had some anticipation for this because I though it had EVERYthing cherry!

Sadly, it was less than I expected.  There seems to be a repeating pattern where the festivals and farmers markets greatly lack in actual produce/product and instead make it up with retail vendors :(:(

But there were many positive things about this festival.

You must try the cherry pie:  It’s the best I’ve ever eaten!! You can taste the freshness, and  it had the perfect sweetness to it.  The crust was lighter than I expected it to be and it was kinda life changing. =)

**sry no photo, family ate it before I could get a chance to take a me, it was beautiful

The second must have are the cherries of course!!!  The cherries tasted perfect!  They weren’t sour at all.  They just burst with amazing cherryness when you put it in your mouth!

Festival food:  the funnel cake.

It was an unusual funnel cake; but it a good way.  Instead of the normal thin”funnels” in the cake, the funnels were thick and large.  To me, it tasted like a super fresh donut.  It might have just been that the maker was not skilled in funnel making and could only make one layer or it was just their version of the funnel cake which was pure yummyness.

(Tasted the cherry smoothie: just too sweet; it seemed like just cherry syrup blended with ice.)

Another surprising thing was the music.  I will have to say.. it was geared toward older people… don’t get me wrong, it had an amazing crowd and the performers were actually really good. Just not my type of music.

Overall, it was about 20% Cherry and 80% Festival and I’m being generous with the cherry part.

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