Seaworld Seafood Restaurant

So my parents wanted to go and eat dim sum. Again. For the second time in two weeks. I felt pretty “dim sum”-ed out from the last time and really wasn’t up for another greasy breakfast. Oh no, they said, its not the same one, it’s the one that closed down for renovations, they’ve reopened. Whoa whoa whoa. WHAT?! MY FAVORITE DIM SUM RESTAURANT OF ALLLLL TIME HAS REOPENED?!! Exception made. It was my favorite for two main reasons: they had the most variety, offering dishes I loved that no other placed did, and the food was always ALWAYS fresh out of the kitchen.

We get seated during prime dim sum time within 10 minutes, who doesn’t love short wait times? There were only 5 carts in circulation, all dishes $1.55 and lobster noodles for $7.99.

Almond paste filled sesame balls on the left, almond milk tea on the right. No one else I know serves the almond milk tea, its basically like sweetened almond milk with flake pastry topping the bowl. I was freaking out when I saw them being served, its one of my must-get dishes.

Restaurants that serve lobster noodle rarely give you an entire lobster, they just mix and match random body parts and then stick a head on there to make it seem like a full lobster. The noodles and veggies were swimming in a starchy gravy that tasted like a combination of oyster sauce and lobster. It was decent, there was some meat in the shell that wasn’t super overcooked. Reasonable amounts given the price.

This place epitomizes the dim sum experience, multitudes of buck-toothed chinese old men and DS-playing kids, loud Cantonese chatter that melds into nothing discernable, snappy service (tea refills in the blink of an eye), and the constant fear of the dishes you want being taken by other more aggressive customers.

One of the waiters brings out a tray of egg custard tarts straight from the kitchen and my sister hauls ass and chases the guy down, managing to nab the last plate of egg custard. SCORE! Didn’t manage to get a picture of those, but they were extremely flaky, the crust malleable and not fully set yet and the egg custard much more creamy and piping hot. They weren’t the “perfect” egg tarts, but compared to the other ones from the last dim sum restaurant I went to, the other ones seemed much more “factory” generated where you could see where the cook packed the crust into the mold.

I haven’t seen these anywhere else except for a couple of chinese bakeries in Montreal. Flaky chicken pastries, they’re stuffed with something akin to chicken salad, with more milk/cream in the sauce. Very heavy for pastries but really good.

The selection was less than what I’m used to, but the fact that they had some delicacies I’d missed made up for that. It was definitely more pastry/bun oriented and didn’t have as many meat choices as Ocean Star. I’d probably only go back if I was craving those rare items, but otherwise I’d stick to Ocean Star for the variety.

8118 Garvey Ave Ste A
Rosemead, CA 91770

(626) 288-2898


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