King Taco

One thing I love about living in Southern California is that there is some kind of Mexican restaurant almost every few miles, whether or not it’s a taco truck or a chain restaurant. In downtown, King Taco is one of the largest and most popular places to get Mexican food.

They have a limited menu that includes a few main item types and then several meat choices: tacos, burritos and then roasted chicken. Besides that, they have the usual extras, nachos, guacamole, horchata etc. Each taco is a little less than $2, burritos run for about $5.

I ordered a chicken taco, carnitas taco and a carne asada taco.

Each one comes on two corn tortillas and are topped with salsa, cilantro and chopped onions. The green salsa was very spicy, the kind that pricks your tongue long after you’ve eaten it. The chicken was moist, soaked in a soup I’m guessing with a tomato flavor that made the taco a bit soggy but not so much that it broke through the tortillas. The carne asada was standard, nothing too special and the carnitas one was pretty juicy. The corn tortillas were fluffy, versus the dryer ones I am used to in Mexico. Overall, great tacos that are a completely different experience than ones I’ve had in Mexico. Tacos in Mexico are basically dry meat on a thin stiff corn tortilla with most of the flavor coming from the lime juice you squeeze on it where tacos here are more moist, not as much lime (I don’t think I even tasted any in the taco, if there was any it was very little) and moisture coming from more saucier salsas and juicier meats.

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