Ajisen Ramen with my baby cousins!

A recent Japanese ramen food phase has occurred for me just recently.  So, I am currently obsessed with Ajisen’s premium pork ramen.  I am aware that it’s not as authentic as Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda, but the just broth is addicting!  I also took my baby cousins and my auntie and uncle.

Joshua (the older one) surprisingly loved it because we said it was like the ramen from Ponyo =)

Totally true! hehee

Their premium pork ramen is probably the most popular.  The pork was sliced very thin and the seasoning was all through the pork; it was flavored perfectly but can get a little salty if you don’t pair it with the broth and noodle.

My favorite part is always the broth.  My sister and I have be trying to guess what was in it, so we guessed it was probably coconut milk because of the color.  But, according to their site the ” tonkatsu soup base” is a “..white soup base from which bones, meat, vegetables and other fine ingredients are cooked for many hours producing a milky white broth.”

The picture is sort of after I started eating, so it’s not as pretty as it came out. =)=)

There are so many ramen places now, so it is for certain Alex and I will make a stop by at  Daikokuya, Santouka Ramen and a whole bunch of other places in and about Los Angeles.

So exciting!!



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