Ocean Star Dim Sum

This is the meal that is a final “welcome home” deal. Back before me and my sister left for university, because my dad’s Cantonese, we’d go to eat dim sum at least once a month, sometimes twice. Dim sum is a type of cuisine that is best enjoyed with at least four people, as with more people equals more dishes to try and not get stuck with too many leftovers. Our family has been to several dim sum restaurants in the past, but this is the best one to date and as always with chinese food, very affordable. I guess because of the “recession” we’re in, they’ve lowered dish prices to $1.55 per dish and $2.55 for the weekend. We decided to try and go right when the restaurant opened so that we could avoid the noon time rush and hopefully get fresher food without having to chase the carts.

Since we were there at the beginning of dim sum hours, they only had a limited selection out, so we were stuck with four or five carts and definitely waiting for the other dishes that were set to come out at 11. But they did have some of the staples going around, so we munched on those while we waited.

This is probably my most favorite dish. It’s called jia leung, and its Cantonese you tiao (their version of a donut, typically eaten with congee) wrapped in chang fen (rice noodle) and green onions. Usually served drenched in soy sauce, this time they offered it plain with choice of peanut or hoisin sauce.

Beef chang fen in the middle, and my mom’s favorite chicken feet at the top left. Tried it once, and never ate it again.

Got to have dan ta, egg custard tarts, everytime I go. Fluffy, and not overly flaky, the custard in the middle was creamy. Quality egg tarts J

Lo mei gai (sticky rice in lotus leaf) at the top, beef, mushroom and sausage wrapped in a sticky rice pouch and steamed in lotus leaf, pork spareribs in the middle and fish balls at the bottom.

Hot tea is a necessity at dim sum to wash down the grease.

And then came the veggie dish cart after a bit. Sea weed at the top left, cucumbers in vinegar in the middle, jellyfish at the top right, cha shiao bao at the right and taro pudding at the top. Cucumber were cold and refreshing and jellyfish were crunchy!

We had to leave before 11, so we missed out on a couple dishes we usually order, but still walked out of there stuffed and on the verge of food comas. Going early was a bit nice for a change, usually when we go, we go right at noon which is the busiest time to go, and you literally have to go up to the food cart and snatch what you want before it gets swiped by other more aggressive customers. It was calm and relaxing despite not having the larger variety that they have later on in the morning. Although the next time I would go, I’d prefer to go during the noon time. I personally thought it was a bit too greasy, more than usual, but it was still wonderful J

145 N Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 308-2128


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