Another Japanese restaurant my mom has been wanting to take me and my sister to, located literally a block away from Kanpatchi in Gardena, they have a set lunch menu with a larger variety of dishes. For less than $15, you can get at least a bowl of rice and sushi/sashimi + tempura. My mom ordered an uni bowl, TONS of uni loaded onto sushi rice.

My sister ordered a sashimi and rice set, yellow tail, tuna, salmon and clam with mixed tempura.

I ordered the daily bento, which came with slices of salmon, yellow tail, clam, tempura, grilled salmon, pickled turnip, stewed greens and tamago (sweet egg).

The fish was significantly fresher than Kanpatchi, enough so that when I had my first bite, my eyes widened and I started to freak out. By now, my parents definitely must be tired of all of my “Oh my GOD!”s, but hey, gotta show my appreciation for free wonderful life changing food. I’m not one for tamago, my sister likes it much more than I do, so I just handed that over to her. I tried raw clam for the first time, it’s white with a very bright red tip. The texture is chewy, not tough, but like eating raw squid, and if there was any flavor it was very very subtle. The tempura was excellently made, a very light shade of yellow, almost white, lightly crisp with just enough batter, an assortment of squash, yam, zucchini and shrimp. The stewed veggie pile (the dark green stuff in the pic above) was sweet and savory. The salmon was a bit dry, but the flavor was all there. I also found out that the mint leaves that some sashimi plates come with are actually supposed to be eaten with the fish. I ate it with my last slice as sort of a mouth freshener.

Great price, slightly higher than other places for lunch, but definitely appreciate the larger variety (not exclusively sushi, theres chicken teriyaki and pork cutlet on there too for the non-sushi eaters) and the quality is definitely worth it. And they gave us slices of oranges too at the end J

1745 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 323-4077


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