Day 2

Everytime I go to Mexico, I’m not officially on vacation until I have a taco with all the fixings. So after getting a recommendation from the reception of our resort, we head off to Gardenias for purportedly the best fish tacos in Cabo.

There are a few people dining in, a couple sitting at the tequila bar, one woman preparing orders in the open kitchen in the back. We are handed one page menus in thin plastic sleeves with a list of about ten different taco types, a few combo dishes and drinks. The waitress brings by two metal sauce trays filled with jalapenos, guacamole, salsa, red onions and cilantro, and a bowl of shredded cabbage. It is early in the afternoon and we need to get the weeks groceries and quickly order: a chilenita, chicharron, shrimp and fish taco. The fish taco comes fried in a batter on top of a corn tortilla. After dressing it, I take the first bite. The batter is light but not flaky. The fish slightly sweet, and definitely some of the freshest fish I have ever had.

The chicharron comes as chunks of fatty pork in a spicy gravy. I have no idea as to what this tastes like as I have never heard of nor tasted it before, so after the first bite I am completely amazed. It literally melted in my mouth, tender meat bits followed by a warming mouth-filling spice. I have never had anything like it, and definitely was my favorite of the two I had had.

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